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Instrument Club is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization recognized by the Internal revenue service. Contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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Empowering Communities. Committing To A Brighter Future.

What is Instrument Club?

Instrument Club is a non-profit organization developing and distributing technology to help create a world where everyone has equal access to electricity, security, and the tools to empower themselves. Instrument Club is a registered U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN 83-4679785).

How does Instrument Club fund its day to day operations?

100% of every donation made directly funds the project you choose. We even plan to cover the credit card processing fees in the immediate future. Our operating expenses will be covered separately by foundations, philanthropists, and donors who solely provide that support.

Can I see your financials?

Most certainly! We are 100% transparent. All of our financials will be publicly available. We are also working on a blockchain ledger so that all donor transactions can be accessible to them anytime without alteration, or restriction for their permanent records.

Where does Instrument Club operate?

Our mission is to provide aid in third world countries with a lack of resources, starting in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya. While we currently focus our efforts in these low-income countries, we developed an artificial intelligence technology platform for finding missing persons, this service is called WhoSpotted, and it can be deployed anywhere on the planet.

What is Instrument Club's contact information?

Instrument Club, Inc
1153 W. 52nd Ave, G159
Merrillville, IN 46410
(000) 000 – 0000

What is the General Fund?

100% of donations to the General Fund support new systems research and development. We will often suggest a donation to the General Fund when our engineers discover a more efficient, and cost-effective ways to create products that impact lives.

What is TICKit?

TICKit is a modular solar electric lighting program that provides communities, and households with highly efficient, and safe lighting.

The four (4) main components include:

1. The Lighthouse x1 (Per Community)

A power station for charging devices, equipped with charging ports to allow for charging the PowerCase, PowerLamp, Halo, and accessories. This station will be constantly manned by community personnel for maintenance and assistance to locals.

2. PowerCase x1 (Per Community)
A lightweight, easy-to-use solar electric system includes a 12V, 20Ah lithium ferrous phosphate battery, two high-efficiency LED lamps for bright lighting, two USB ports for charging LED lamps, and two expansion ports to allow for optional accessories or additional lights. A custom display and user interface make operation simple. The system has a minimum capacity of 240 watt-hours of energy storage, enough to run two lights on high for 24 hours, or on low for 120 hours.

3. PowerLamp x1 (Per Household)
This lamp is a mobile array of high-intensity LEDs, 60 watt-hours of energy storage, enough to run on high for 12 hours, or on low for 30 hours. This device is great for lighting an entire room, or open spaces.

4. Halo x2 (Per Household)
This headlight houses a row of low powered LEDs. This device is great for personal use, reading, and simple tasks around the house or while doing chores in dark places.

NOTE: If an LED pixel at its brightest consumes 60mA, and the stated battery capacity is 2100 mAh, we could expect to run one pixel for about 35 hours continuously before the battery peters out (2100 mAh ÷ 60 mA = 35 hours). But single pixels are seldom left on at full brightness for hours. A typical LED uses about 20mA.

Can I donate monthly?

Yes! Monthly donations enable individuals to automatically receive a PowerLamp and 2x Halo. A new household every month.

Can I cancel my monthly donation?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly donation anytime. Simple contact our accounts department via email

Does Instrument Club accept cryptocurrency donations?

Yes! We accept Bitcoin, ethereum and a few cryptocurrencies. All cryptocurrency donations are unrestricted, which means we use the funds for how we think they will have the most impact. Please reach out to if you have any questions.

How do I know my financial information is protected?

We take your security seriously, and we go above and beyond to ensure that your payment information is safe on Instrument Club. We start by serving our website over HTTPS so that your browser only communicates with our server over a secure channel. If donating with a credit card, we back that up by validating your credit card’s CVC number to complete a donation. The rest of your financial information is managed securely on our behalf by Stripe, a globally trusted payments company that has been certified a PCI Service Provider Level 1 by Visa.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. All donations are tax-deductible in the U.S. After donating to Instrument Club, you will receive an official tax-deductible receipt at the email you provided. Our EIN is EIN 83-4679785.

What is WhoSpotted?

WhoSpotted is an artificial intelligence technology platform for finding missing persons. It can be used by individuals, non-profits, law enforcing, governments, and organizations to streamline their search processes while reducing administrative costs and human resources.

Can I donate directly to WhoSpotted?

WhoSpotted will be funded by the partners that use it and subsidized by foundations and philanthropists. If you are interested in donating to support WhoSpotted’s development, please email If you are looking for another way to support Instrument Club’s mission, consider donating directly.

Do you use General Donations to pay for WhoSpotted?

No. 100% of donations on our platform cover the cost of a TICKit for a household. WhoSpotted is funded by the partners that use it, and subsidized by foundations and philanthropists who support Instrument Club’s General Fund or donate with cryptocurrency.

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