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Let there be light

Electricity is an integral part of human life now. Right from its invention, it has massively changed the human lifestyle and has advanced civilization immensely. Electricity is a natural phenomenon that can also be artificially created when needed to produce energy.

Some natural examples of the existence of electricity cited from nature are lightning, electric shocks from certain underwater fishes and also static electricity produced due to friction. Electricity has two basic components; the voltage and the current. High voltages are created at power generating stations that are distributed through transformers for use in our daily lives because modern cities cannot run without electricity. From commutating, communication to cooking, every activity we perform needs electric current flowing through circuits.

Without any doubt, electricity is the most used medium of energy, it can be produced from various sources of energy very conveniently and has its share of advantages which makes it such an unavoidable part of our lives.

Electricity can be transmitted to long distances which makes it reachable to places far away from the generating stations.

Electrical energy is a pollution-free source of energy. It does not emit any gas or particles which can cause damage to the environment.

Unlike solar energy, electricity can be generated and used at any time of the day for as long as needed. Also, there is no fixed time limit for the use of electricity which makes it a flexible source of energy.

Electricity can be generated from many renewable sources of energy like solar, hydro and also biodegradable products. This quality of electricity adds to its advantage and decreases the use of other energy sources which tend to be exhaustion.

Electric plants are more steady and promise to serve for longer periods than other technologies which are in use.

It needs no special mention that electrical energy is used by us in our day to day lives. All our home appliances from the room heater to the television, everything is dependent on electricity. Commercial uses like factories, data centers, and all large scale production machineries all depend on electricity to keep our quality of life uninterrupted.

Nowadays, many people are shifting from using cooking gas in their kitchens to electrical induction ovens for cooking food. This seems to be a cost-efficient, environment-friendly technique to run a household.

The transportation system is largely dependent on electricity. There are many modes of transport which use electrical energy stored in batteries for commutation, and this is a pollution-reducing method of transport.

CONCLUSION: The use of electricity in our lives has no limitations. Though it has an initial investment, running our lives without electricity is nearly impossible today. It has countless uses and advantages.